Smart TV Patents

Smart TV PatentsFlexiworld is an early pioneer of smart tv technologies and has created many of the necessary features that are used in the smart tv we know today. Examples include Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity added to the smart TV for cloud communication applications, streaming audio or video, wireless communicating with a variety of wireless peripheral devices such as wireless printers, Bluetooth headsets, smart televisions and smart speakers. Flexiworld is the inventor of the many core smart tv technologies that are widely used today. A list of patents shown below illustrate examples of Flexiworld’s smart TV patents.

1. US Patents

Ref. No.US Patent #
(Issue date)
C18US 11,096,056
Aug 17, 2021
Output devices, such as televisions, output controllers, or audio output devices, that are setup to wirelessly receive digital content from a digital content service over the internet or from a wireless information apparatus that is in the same network as the output devices
W8US 11,029,903
Jun 08, 2021
Output systems, such as television controllers, televisions, display devices, or audio output devices, operable for playing digital content wirelessly received either from a digital content service over the internet or wirelessly received from a client device that is in the same network as the output system
W7US 10,866,773
Dec 15, 2020
Information apparatus for playing digital content that is received from a digital content service provided over the internet
C8US 10,846,031
Nov 24, 2020
Software application for a mobile device to wirelessly manage or wirelessly setup an output system or output device for service
C16US 10,768,871
Sep 08, 2020
Wireless output devices or wireless controllers for establishing wireless connectivity and for receiving digital content
B1US 10,642,576
Mar 05, 2020
Mobile information apparatus that includes wireless communication circuitry for discovery of an output device for outputting digital content at the wirelessly discovered output device
C9US 10,387,087
Aug 20, 2019
Output systems or audio output devices that include an interface operable by a user to initiate wireless discovery for establishing wireless connections with mobile devices
W5US 10,346,114
Jul 09, 2019
Digital content services over the internet that transmit or stream protected digital content to mobile devices, display devices, audio output devices, printing devices, televisions, or television controllers
B2US 10,740,066
Dec 25, 2018
Output devices that establish wireless connection with an information apparatus subsequent to having been wirelessly discovered by the information apparatus
B0US 10,162,596
Dec 25, 2018
Portable electronic device configured to receive voice activated commands and to wirelessly manage or drive an output device
C10US 10,140,073
Nov 27, 2018
Wireless devices that establish a wireless connection with a mobile information apparatus by wirelessly detecting, within physical proximity, the mobile information apparatus
C4US 10,133,527
Nov 20, 2018
Wireless Devices That Establish A Wireless Local Area Network Connection By Receiving, Via Direct Wireless Communications, Identification Or Authentication Information, From A Mobile Wireless Device
C14US 10,126,991
Nov 13, 2018
Output systems, information apparatus, or internet appliances supporting voice commands for receiving and for playing selected digital content from a service over a network
W0US 9,965,233
May 08, 2018
Digital content services or stores over the internet that transmit or stream protected or encrypted digital content to connected devices and applications that access the digital content services or stores
C5US 9,836,259
Dec 05, 2017
Televisions, output controllers, or speakers that are setup to wirelessly connect to a network and to receive digital content from a digital content service over the network
D0US 9,836,257
Dec 05, 2017
Mobile information apparatus that includes intelligent wireless display, wireless direct display, or transfer of digital content for playing over air the digital content at smart televisions, television controllers, or audio output devices
WB2US 9,389,822
Jul 12, 2017
Mobile information apparatus that include support for receiving video digital content over the internet from a service, and for wireless displaying or playing over air at least part of the received video digital content from the mobile information apparatus to televisions, television controllers, display devices, or projection devices
D7US 9,069,510
Jun 30, 2015
Touch sensitive screen information apparatus that includes close proximity or near distance radio frequency field communication
D6US 9,042,811
May 26, 2015
Specification of smart wireless television for rendering digital content
D1US 8,989,064
Mar 24, 2015
Wireless controller wire connectable to output devices such as televisions for accessing digital content and for wireless communication with mobile information apparatus
WT2US 8,711,408
Apr 29, 2014
Smart television system having methods or means for accessing paid or subscribed digital content from the internet
WS1US 8,705,097
Apr 22, 2014
Internet applications and services for rendering digital content
D2US 8,630,000
Jan 14, 2014
Essential components for enabling a pervasive wireless digital ecosystem and wireless devices that support the wireless digital ecosystem
DD2US 8,332,521
Dec 11, 2012
Internet-pad specification, the internet-pad specification may include a touch sensitive screen, a digital camera, a document application, an e-mail application, icons over the touch sensitive screen for user selection, a wireless communication unit for wireless connectivity, a digital content application for playing digital content, and an operating system supporting application programming interface (API)
DD1US 8,285,802
Oct 09, 2012
Internet-phone or smart phone with applications for managing and playing digital content, and a mobile device operating system supporting application programming interface
D10US 8,169,649
May 01, 2012
Mobile device methods for enabling pervasive wireless digital media
WTNUS 7,953,818
May 31, 2011
Output device and system for rendering digital content
WT0US 7,944,577
May 17, 2011
Output controller for mobile and pervasive digital content output
D8US 7,609,402
Oct 27, 2009
Methods for universal data output