Executive Bio

William Chang and Vice-Minister Zhao in Beijing at the official reception by Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

William Chang in Beijing at the official reception by Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

William H. Chang is the founder and president of Flexiworld Technologies and is inventor of many technologies that are widely used today such as wireless smart devices, smart phones, smart TVs, Smart speakers, wireless printers, wireless streaming, social network and Internet communication. This includes over 80 patents issued worldwide and over 30 patents pending. Mr. Chang is known to be one of the most prolific inventors in the area of smart wireless devices. In recent years, Mr. Chang helped several listed technology companies in the US and Chip companies in Taiwan and China to significantly improve its technology, quality and services worldwide. 

After founding Flexiworld, Mr. Chang presented its business plan at the Silicon Valley’s Gong Show and captured second place two years in a roll (02-03) among the best technology startups.

During those same years, Flexiworld was also selected by the business Journal of Portland as the top 10 best business plan. Moreover, in Seattle, Flexiworld was voted the number one best early stage technology Company out of over 250 startup companies at the early stage investment forum. 

At Flexiworld, Mr. Chang designed and managed a software engineering team in the U.S., negotiated and created new products for major mobile phone companies and wireless carriers worldwide and partnered with chip companies in Taiwan and manufactures in China to develop new products. Among his patented innovations, Mr. Chang evangelized wireless smart devices technology to chip companies and manufactures in Asia. His proposals were adopted by many companies for use in smart phones, wireless display, wireless audio, wireless printers, Internet communication as well as standards for next generation flash drives.

Prior to Flexiworld, Mr. Chang worked at Sharp Laboratories, where he was awarded the Inventor of the year at Sharp in 1999. At Sharp, he managed Sharp’s third party software and OEM programs, developed corporate strategies, and technologies for Sharp’s lines of successful color copiers, printers and digital imaging products.  

Prior to Sharp, Mr. Chang worked five years as the Chief Architect and engineering manager of a successful technology startup which was later acquired – Amiable Technologies (NASDAQ:SVECF). Under his leadership, the company ranked among the 500 fastest growing companies in 94-96.  At Amiable, Mr. Chang was a pioneer in the development of technologies for 3D printing, and he managed a large engineering team and is the designer and inventor of the best performing raster-to-vector conversion software and raster image processor for digital imaging and graphic arts design. These products created a revolution in the computer-aided signage industry during the ’90s decade and created a new industry. Twelve years later, these same products remain the de facto standard in the CAS industry and continued to generate over $15M/year. 

Prior to Amiable, 89-93, Mr. Chang served as the chief architect and project leader in the algorithm department at Intergraph Corporation, a fortune 1000 company in the U.S. in the area of 3D interactive graphics (NASDAQ:INGR).  At Intergraph, Mr. Chang is a member of the core technology software algorithm team that developed one of the most complex and best selling CAD/CAM (computer aided design and manufacturing) software applications in the world. At Intergraph, he designed and developed three main CAD/CAM products.

Mr. Chang speaks fluently English, Chinese, Portuguese, and good Spanish. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering and software algorithms from Purdue University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.  Mr. Chang also studied three years of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Campinas in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In his spare time, Mr. Chang plays table tennis in Asia and in the U.S. and travels worldwide.

Ben Liou (General Manager, Flexiworld – Taiwan ):Mr. Liou heads Flexiworld’s affiliate office in Taipei , Taiwan , managing manufacturing, marketing, sales, and partnerships for Asia Pacific. Prior to joining Flexiworld, Mr. Liou worked as a Senior Director at XGI (the world’s third largest GPU Company, a spin-off of SIS). Prior to XGI, Mr. Liou was the Director of Sales at Dragon Top Group – the largest OEM manufacturer of Tyco/AMP in connector and cable industries. Under his leadership, Dragon Top doubled its revenue from USD $84M in year 2000 to $170M in 2002. Prior to Dragon Top, he worked five years as a Senior Sales Manager at SIS – one of the largest chip companies in Taiwan and acquired by UMC, ( TAIEX: 2363). At SIS, Mr. Liou successfully brought its first 3D graphics chip (SIS6326) into clone market and led the sales team reaching one million units/month volume record and generating over USD $ 40M in profits. Mr. Liou came to Taiwan from the U.S. in 1991 and founded a successful software startup, ACIM. Within two years, ACIM became the most famous CAD/CAM Company in Southern Taiwan . Mr. Liou started his professional career as a Senior Software Engineer at Intergraph Co. – USA , – a fortune 1000 company. At Intergraph, he specialized in object oriented programming and developed one of the most complex and best selling 3D graphics systems in the world. Mr. Liou holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University and a Post-Master’s certificate in International Marketing from International Trade Institute in Taiwan.