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U.S. Patent Application: US20040127254

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Device for wireless communication between computing devices

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Appl. No.: 10/734481
Filed: Dec. 12, 2003
Inventor: William Ho Chang et al
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A communication device includes a structural, external interface (e.g., a USB interface) for connecting to a computing device, a wireless interface for making a wireless connection to a second computing device, and a memory or storage component for storing and embedding software for a variety of applications. The communication device provides wireless printing without the need to install a device specific printer driver each time at each new printer and without compromising security or privacy. The communication device also enables transferring of files and data wirelessly from one device to another.

Sample Claim

A wireless data output communication device, comprising:

a device interface connectable to an external interface of a first computing device with a data output service;

a memory component storing autorun software and a computer software application, the autorun software being operable to install and execute the computer software application on the first computing device automatically upon connection of the device interface to the external interface of the first computing device, the computer software application providing access to the data output service of the first computing device; and

a wireless communication component for providing wireless communication between the communication device and a second computing device having wireless communication capability and data content to be outputted with the data output service, the wireless communication component being operable to receive the data content from the second computing device via wireless communication and to deliver the data content to the computer software application on the first computing device, wherein the computer software application delivers the data content to the data output service to obtain output of the data content.