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U.S. Patent: RE42,828

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Communication between parties over the internet without revealing personal or security information

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Issued Date: October 11, 2011
Inventor: Christina Ying Liu, William Ho Chang
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A controlling apparatus providing communication service between two parties over the Internet, without revealing personal or security information between the two parties. The apparatus may receive information related to a second party as well as security information from the second party. The apparatus may provide or publish over the Internet part of the information related to the second party that does not include the security information. The apparatus may subsequently receive a communication request from a first party identifying the second party. The apparatus may verify the identity of the first party, and may provide the first party a reference code relating to the second party's contact information. The reference code may include one or more of an image, graphics, symbols and or a video. The first party may employ the reference code for establishing communication with the second party using a device that is directly connected to the Internet.

Sample Claim

1. A method of facilitating anonymous communication between a first station and a second station, the second station having an address for communication, and each station being enabled to transmit and receive packet data and being connected directly to a packet data network, the method comprising:

providing a transaction specification from at least one of the first and second stations,

generating a reference code in response to the transaction specification, there being a defined relationship between the reference code and said address,

supplying the reference code to at least the first station,

receiving a communication request from the first station,

receiving the reference code from the first station,

using the reference code to recover said address, and

opening a channel for communication between said first and second stations,

whereby anonymous communication can be established between the first and second stations without providing said address to the first station.